Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Solo Flight: From the Beginning

There's always a first for everything.

I'm used to going around the metro on my own and I don't mind at all. Mainly because Manila is my turf, my comfort zone, my home. I rarely get scared walking around by myself even if I know danger lurks about anywhere.

My solo trip to the North was something very spontaneous. I got this 1 way free domestic flight for a delayed one to Caticlan last November. I really didn't give much thought to this free ticket because (a) I didn't know yet where to go and (b) I didn't have anyone to go with.

I was really sure that I won't have to use it (the free tix), but my friend reminded me that I only have until 21 May to avail of it. Besides my eldest sister kept kept saying: 'Sayang yun!'

Albay was my first destination of choice because (a) I have never been to Bicol (b) I am dying to see Mayon volcano and (c) I could easily hop on a bus and be there 14 hours tops. I don't mind looong bus rides.

At first I convinced a friend to go with me to Albay, but when he learned of the 'catch' (going there by bus together and leaving him to ride the bus back home and me boarding on a plane, easy breezy life), he backed out in a heartbeat. What a wuss.

I've made my Albay Myself itinerary. Asked some friends for 'Where to gos' and 'What to dos.' I only have 4 days left to have that Legazpi-Manila booking, when I realized that I am scared to go there all by my lonesome. I pondered, hard. I didn't want to go there and regret it, didn't want my parents to be worried.

So I told Ate my fears. She didn't think twice and told me that maybe I should go to Laoag instead because (a) I kinda know the place having gone there twice already (b) the food is awesome! (c) I can stay at a friend's transient home (d) I can also easily hop on a bus and be there in 12 hours tops.

I didn't think about it anymore. I only have 3 days left to call in that Laoag-Manila flight booked. Before I can change my mind and back out, I called Cebu Pacific and told them that I'd be using this free one way ticket. Please have it booked, Laoag-Manila, 20 May 2013, 10:30 PM.

After 10 minutes on the phone with a very helpful agent, I received an email confirming my booking. I am a day away from crispy dinuguan, empanadas, mikis and tupigs!

My first ever solo out of town adventure is set!

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