Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 2: Heart and Soul - Nami Island

When Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart ended, I made a vow that I will not be drawn to watch anything Korean, because they are very depressing. Keeping that vow was very difficult. I continued watching Koreanovela after Koreanovela of broken promises and unrequited love. How can their love stories be so heartbreaking? And why does somebody always have to die?!

Since I can't resist the plot sometimes, instead of dwelling on the pain the leading lady feels, I indulged in the beautiful places where the betrayal, heartache and misery happened. So for our second day in Korea, we went on a journey to love... to Endless Love: Winter Sonata location, Nami Island!

I didn't get to watch this series, but my sister who did said that we won't regret it. We had to transfer trains, so the night before, we used this android app: Metroid, to know which station to get off at for the transfer. While in transit, the train suddenly stopped at an unknown station, and maybe we had this confused tourist looks in our faces, when a friendly, God-sent agassi approached us and said that we need to get off this train and transfer to another one to get to Gapyeong. She must have figured out that we were going to Nami Island.
Train to Gapyeong. Is it just me, or am I overdressed? :)) 
It's confirmed! I am overdressed! Hahaha!
Gapyeong Station.
From Gapyeong station, a cab will take you to the port to Nami Island. Fare was very affordable, it was less than KRW4,000. You have to stop at the "Immigration" for your "visa" to Nami which will cost about KRW8,000. We made it to Nami Island without any problem with the "Immigration!"
Get your visa here.
Gates to Nami port.
Flags on the ferry.
We are very excited!
Heart shaped rope.
Nami Island has become a symbol of love and romance since Endless Love: Winter Sonata. Some parts of the island are dedicated to the Koreanovela. Like the spot where Jun and Janice kissed. It has been immortalized. Statue of the actors facing each other can be found near the famous rows of metasequoia trees, where the lovers stroll together. Aside from the people who were touring in groups, I can't help but notice that most Koreans that were there were couples. Holding hands while walking, riding on couple bikes, having picnics.There were a lot of things around that symbolizes love and the serenity there could, as Koreans would say, heal their souls.
Nami is a Unicef child friendly park.
With some statues.
With the Merlion in Nami Island.

First Kiss bridge.

Hearts made of rocks.
Kids on their field trip.
Oh how lovely! Pine Tree Lane.

Couple bike ride.

There was an art festival when we were there so my sisters and I thought it would be fun to imitate these art works.

We soon got hungry and tired from all the walking. Our next mission was to find the perfect lunch. My sister's friend recommended we try this barbecue place. For lunch on day 1, we only spent about KRW12,000. So the KRW26,000 for chicken barbecue and some sidings is a bit indulgent already. But when we're done grilling the chicken, the more expensive lunch was totally worth it! 
The barbecue place.
Totally packed inside.
Veggies and sauce.
Chicken barbecue now grilling!
The aftermath. Thank God for the awesome lunch!

My sister read somewhere that the soft ice cream in the island is a must try. So we had this KRW3,000 soft ice cream for dessert.
Get your soft ice cream here.
Rich and creamy.
Happy with dessert.

After eating good food, we continued on with touring the island.There were more works of art in different forms. There were mural paintings, wood carvings and clay sculpture. By this time, there are more and more tourists than when we arrived. 

We won't leave the island without photos with Jun and Janice.
Ate as Janice. 
Jun and Janice immortalized.
I thought the Pine Tree lane was already breathtaking, but the Metasequoia Tree Lane was more so. Taking pictures there was fun only if you know how to conceal other tourists who are also taking pictures.

It was autumn then, but only some of the leaves had changed colors.

Time to go back to the city. This Nami Island tour sure was fun and refreshing. When I come back, I'd make sure it's already full blown autumn.

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