Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 3: Old Seoul - Tapgol Park and Insadong Market

Insadong Street and Tapgol Park.

Tapgol Park or Pagoda Park is, according to Visit Korea, the first modern park to be built in Seoul. You'll find here the glass enclosed, 10 story pagoda. It was a Saturday and there was an event for the elderly at that time (or maybe the elder Koreans really hangout here), so there were a lot of people at the park. 
The glass enclosed pagoda.

There's a pavillion in the middle of the park. And yes, you can tell that this park is also from the successful Joseon dynasty.
The pavillion.

We crossed the street from Tapgol to get to Insadong.
Perfect day for some Insadong experience. On weekend, some streets around Insadong are closed to vehicles. Shops are set up on the streets. Traditional Korean craft and culture will be seen all over Insadong. There are art galleries, traditional tea houses and stores that sell different Korean art.
Performance at Insadong.
Comfort room art at Insadong.
Thinly sliced squid cooked on hot walnuts. (?)
Red bean goodness!
Famous teahouse.
Book sale.
Free hugs, anyone? ;)
More huggers!
Colorful characters strolling.
Souvenir shopping.
Insa Art Gallery.
This way to more art galleries.

We also found this very unique mall, Ssamziegil Mall. It's not your usual indoor mall. It has 4 floors, connected by spiral staircases. Just like the rest of Insadong, Ssamziegil Mall is an artwork in itself. Each floor has a different theme. It's like walking in an art gallery with all the paintings on the walls and staircases.
Mall facade.
Ssamziegil Mall map.
The mall.
Giraffes at the mall?

I really enjoyed this day. Just relaxed and steady. It was already dark when we walked backed to our guesthouse. And on our way back, we saw Changdeokgung Palace at night. 

Oh tired feet! Rest some for another long day awaits. :)

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