Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 3: Old Seoul - Changdeokgung Palace and Bukchon

Since Day 2 was so action packed, we chose to keep it simple on Day 3. Beewon Guesthouse was only 3 minutes away from Changdeokgung Palace. How can we not visit, right? You'll have to shell out KRW3,000 for the entrance fee. But you can buy a pass worth KRW10,000, for admission to 4 palaces and 1 shrine. 

We missed the tour with an English speaker so we decided to take a tour on our own. 
Changdeokgung Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage.
Welcome to Changdeokgung Palace!
Pillars at the Palace
Coffee/craft shop in the palace.

It was so hot that day, but when we came to this part where there are hanoks or the Nakseonjae, it was strangely cool. Nakseonjae is the part of the palace that the King used as his living quarters and library. Maybe that is why it's so cool there, can't make the King sweat in summer! I almost fell asleep on the steps of one hanok. Hahaha! The ceiling, door and wall designs are so intricate.
Nakseonjae: where the cool hanoks are.

Is this why these hanoks are so well ventilated?

The King's Hall or the Injeongjeon Hall. Where the King receives his court and foreign envoys.
Exterior of the Injeongjeon.
King's throne.
Interior of the Injeongjeon.
The Queen's quarters behind us.

After the quick tour of the Palace, we headed to our favorite lunch place near Bukchon. We ordered bibimbap, kimbap and soup with meat and veggies.
Satisfied stomach for less than KRW15,000!

Tea house.

While walking around Bukchon after lunch, we found another quaint shop that sells handcrafted stuff. This shop sells a lot of handmade stuff like clocks, earrings, bracelets, notebooks, hand painted bags and more!
Owner of the shop.

Real pressed flowers.
Cute stud earrings.
Smiling with the owner.
I shall return.

From Bukchon, we went on our way to Tapgol Park by foot. It wasn't a short walk, but walking has always been something I like doing. On our way to the park, we witnessed some sort of ceremony.

Next stop: Tapgol Park, Insadong Market and Ssamziegil Mall! :)

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